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Awesome game.

It's a great game, and in my opinion, actually very well executed. The levels are a bit long, and the idea of a storyline is dimmed by the text being rather hard to read just as you start a level. Perhaps having a level briefing would help with getting the mini-low-thought plot across. By the way, awesome job with the chainsaw. Looovvveee it. 5/5

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Glitchy chillaxin'-active (chillactive?) awesomeness. Also, what AyaNiikura said.

Also, sucker for pianos.

DreamEater responds:

Glad you dig it Atash, I Haven't heard from you in the longest bro!
Hope everything is gravy, and thanks for the review!

~Dj Sonik


Short: Wheeeeeee!

Detail (includes tiny issues I have on semi-close listening):
0:29-0:31 :: I somehow really really really enjoyed that transition. Can't quite figure why.
0:39-0:40 :: My only problem. The background buzz feels kinda choppy, as if it were repeating a pattern that didn't quite fit end to end with itself or something along those lines. This occurs a few times, most notably again at 1:03 and, well, everywhere that it does that. When other stuff was playing, though, I didn't notice it the first cursory listen throughout the song, but afterwards I heard it occurring throughout the song. A suggestion: maybe vary that buzz a little more during those parts, kinda like what you do at (for example) around 0:48-0:55
0:50-0:55 + 1:12-1:18 + etc. :: those little machine noises are just the touches needed to make it feel like a sonic track from the original Sonic Adventure, especially the overworld environment. Subtle yet poignant.
~1:20 :: chillin', man, just chillin' :-)
2:33 :: Probably just a matter of style, but that little right-channel *shoomf* felt like 'too much'. Not really sure.

Overall: I have a love affair with piano sounds. This wins. Also, the little machine noise subtle touch things were *bwaahhhh!!! <3*

Optimistic score + download. :-)

DreamEater responds:

Thanks again for an awesome review Atash. i hope that one day i can earn a spot on your fave artist list/ fave song section here on NG.

glad you enjoyed the track bro!
~Dj Sonik

Awesome niche work!

For what it's supposed to be (at least what I think it's supposed to be, the end decision I guess lies with TheWax >.< ), it's awesome (I'll just assume that the bass works; my choice of listening devices consists only of earphones and crappy lappy speakers at the moment). I'd have to really really nitpick to complain about anything (and even then, it wouldn't be a complaint, it'd be like a 'didja mean that?' sort of a thing), but I'm not qualified for that, so my usual verbosity is at a loss. :-P

5/5, 10/10, +1 download (I'm just going to say '- the usual -' from now on)

DreamEater responds:

haha thanks as always Atash
Much appreciated bro =]

~Dj Sonik

*poof* ?


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